We put stakeholders front and center.

Whether you are a veteran or emerging fintech, you need to be strategic about your positioning, product, and marketing. Our research and consulting is led by understanding the entire cross-border ecosystem and the stakeholders within it that can reveal invisible threats and keep you ahead of your competition.

1. Research stakeholder ecosystem

Stakeholders are identified, mapped, and evaluated for influence. Important when entering a new market or channel. Interviews, market data collection, competitor research, and surveys may be conducted and analyzed to reach conclusions.

2. Research target stakeholders

You have target stakeholders to gain or deepen. Insights on their interests, needs, and trends are examined. Understand how stakeholders currently relate to existing content, products and services through usability testing, field research, interviews, surveys, and focus groups. In some cases, stakeholders may be recruited and given assignments.

3. Diagnose and vet solutions

Stakeholders needs and interests are used to propose content, products, and/or services, as well as, the strategies and roadmap to put them in action. Stakeholder brainstorms and SWOT analysis could be facilitated to generate and vet ideas.

4. Implement solutions

After coming to agreement on the appropriate content, product, services, and strategies, we help you build them. We may advise on the systems and partnerships required to measure, implement and maintain.

5. Evaluate solutions

With solutions in progress or completed, we assess KPIs and check in with identified stakeholders to make sure solutions are effective. This process can involve stakeholder usability testing, interviews, surveys, and field research to understand what caused results.

Why are we obsessed with stakeholders?


At Yokip Consulting we know successful businesses and organizations are led by understanding their stakeholders and context — not assuming what worked in the past will work today or tomorrow. Our outsider’s perspective, stakeholder focus, and relentless curiosity bring innovative strategies and solutions to keep up with the ever-changing lay of the land to the money transfer and payments industry.


We, humans, are driven by goals and fears. They lead us to interact and organize as we have stakes to protect or gain by participating. We individually and collectively become stakeholders in an ecosystem.


With the rapid pace of technology and the spread of information, the ecosystems are blurring, power is more dispersed and difficult to maintain, and nothing can be expected to remain constant. This flux can create misalignments of stakeholder interest and misidentification of stakeholders altogether.

The result is dysfunction and ultimately irrelevance.


Whether working for global corporations or startups in a variety of industries, I repeatedly witnessed this disconnect. But it provided an opportunity for me. I thrived by synthesizing the perspectives of internal stakeholders and turning them into business solutions that also appealed to our external stakeholder. This approach brought results whether working in innovation, content marketing, or product development.


In a shifting world, relevancy is only possible when people have a stake in what you have to offer. Let us help you cultivate that with our stakeholder research and consulting.


— Olivia Chow, CEO and Founder of Yokip Consulting


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